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Tanzanite Gemstone Information

History and Properties Of Tanzanite

Hardness: 6-7
Specific Gravity: 3.35
Enhancements: Almost Always Heat Treated

The Tanzanite Gemstone is one of the most gorgeous gemstones mined in East Africa. Tanzanite is a stunning variety of zoisite with a velvety blue color. You can also find a tinge of purple in Tanzanite gemstones. The Tanzanite gem stone was first found in the year 1967 and was given the name Tanzanite by Tiffany And Company, the gemstone was found in Tanzania and was therefore named Tanzanite. This gemstone was introduced in the world market in the year 1969.

In the shadow of Mount Kiliminjaro are the Merelani Hills of Tanzania and this is where the best Tanzanite gem stones are mined. Liberalization of the Tanzanian economy and new mining techniques have recently, made the Tanzanite gemstone more readily available.

The Tanzanite gemstone shows a trichroic effect, that is a 3 color visibility when viewed from different angles. The three color effects are blue, purple and bronze. Legend has it that, the first pieces of Tanzanite was collected by the Masai herders when they noticed lightning strike some brownish ziosite crystals. The lightning is supposed to have changed the crystals to a beautiful blue color.

Almost always heat treated: The natural color of tanzanite is brownish and this is how most rough tanzanite appears. Heating of tanzanite results in a color change that ranges from Blue to Purple. Color enancement using heat treatment is a widely accepted treatment for the Tanzanite gem stone.

First Birthstone Addition Since 1912: Among the man gemstones discovered in the last 90 years, only one Tanzanite has been officially added to the birthstone. Tanzanite has been adopted as a December birthstone by the American Gem Trade Association

When valuing a Tanzanite gemstone keep the following in mind. Size: As is the case with most gemstones, big Tanzanite gemstones are more expensive and rare as compared to smaller pieces. Color: Tanzanite gems that are more blue rather than purple are more expensive. To bring out the blue color in the Tanzanite gemstone, the gemstone cutting loss is higher but worth the sacrifice. Inclusions, Cracks and Color zoning: Tanzanite gemstones with inclusions and cracks would be valued at a lower price. Further, if you notice a Tanzanite gemstone with uneven color through the gemstone, remember that the value would fall too. These rules also apply to most other gemstones.

Looking after Tanzanite jewelry: As a rule, do not wear jewelry with Tanzanite gemstones when doing physical work like gardening, cooking, clothes washing etc. This gemstone is a bit more delicate than many other gemstones and therefore cannot be worn when doing strenuous activity. Never clean Tanzanite jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner. If you should be getting a Tanzanite ring resized or repaired ensure that the gemstone is first taken off from the mounting. The Tanzanite gemstone could shatter with the heat of a torch.

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Using This Information About Tanzanite Gems
Few sellers would care to provide such clear and frank information regarding Tanzanite gems. Most of them would be too eager to push you into making an impulse purchase. The tanzanite information provided on this page is not meant to scare you and convince you into buying some other gemstone instead. The gemstone is gorgeous and awesome, gem quality Tanzanite has impressed even the most seasoned jewelry buyers. The qualities and properties of Tanzanite have been detailed to help you make the right choice of design selection when ordering tanzanite jewelry. The most important thing about buying Tanzanite gems or Tanzanite jewellery is, to select a reliable source. Numerous fakes and manmade look alikes flood the markets, some of these are sold as 'genuine' tanzanite. Since this gemstone is not as popular as rubies and sapphires, many jewellers would not even be aware whether their tanzanite gemstone is genuine or manmade. The best source to procure Tanzanite would be a seller that has direct contacts with miners of the gemstone.

Kaisilver gemstone experts inspect and select over thousand carats of tanzanite gems every month, we insist on eye clean quality gems. Since most of our gemstones are procured directly from miners, we are able to inspect hundreds of pieces before picking the ones that we feel, provide the buyer with best value for money paid. Tanzanite gems with good color are valued much higher as compared to tanzanite that has a very pale color. You will get the complete benefit of our Tanzanite gem stone expertise when you order your tanzanite jewellery from us.

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