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Tanzanite Gemstones

Handpicked Tanzanite Gemstones

Birthstone: Tanzanite is the December birthstone.
Color: The range of color for Tanzanite is blue to purple.
Enhancements: Tanzanite is almost always heat treated to enhance the color.
Special Care: Do not wear tanzanite jewelry when doing strenous physical activity. Do not clean in ultrasound devices. When repairing Tanzanite gemstone jewelry always take off the gemstone from the mounting.

The blue and purple color of Tanzanite gemstones has fascinated jewelry designers and buyers alike. Rough Tanzanite gemstone is a brownish color. The blue and purple color of Tanzanite is brought out by heat treating. Heat enhancement of Tanzanite gemstones is an accepted process and has been practised for many decades.

Tanzanite Gemstone Trillion Shape Code: TZ-TL-01

Size: 8mm
Shape: Trillion
Weight: 1.90 Carats
Treatment: Heat Treated For Color Enhancement

Description: This Tanzanite gemstone is clear, clean and flawless. The cut is perfect and the gemstone has no inclusions or cracks. A very deep color with a high degree of lustre.

Price: 900 U.S$ Per Piece

Tanzanite Gemstones Oval Shape Code: TZ-OV-01

Size: 9x7mm
Shape: Oval
Weight: 1.50 Carats
Treatment: Heat Treated For Color Enhancement

Description: A fantastic Tanzanite gem stone, clear, clean and flawless. The cut is perfect and the gemstone has no inclusions or cracks. Gorgeous vibrant color with a high degree of lustre. This is Tanzanite gem is a collectors dream.

Price: 775 U.S$ Per Piece

Tanzanite Gemstones Round Shape Code: TZ-RD-01

Size: 6mm
Shape: Round
Weight: 1.10 Carats
Treatment: Heat Treated For Color Enhancement

Description: Breathtaking Tanzanite gemstone, hand picked after checking over 5,000 pieces. This piece is the best of the lot. This Tanzanite gemstone is clear, clean and flawless. The cut is perfect and the gemstone has no inclusions or cracks. A very bright color with a high degree of lustre.

Price: 500 U.S$ Per Piece

We work directly with the world's largest producer of Tanzanite gemstones. The gemstones you see here are just a sample of the quality of Tanzanite gemstones that we offer. We have direct and preferential access to an unlimited range of Tanzanite gemstones. Just let us know what are your requirements and we will get you the best value for your money.

Tanzanite gemstones are a stunning bluish purple color. The color in Tanzanite gemstone is always brought about by a heat treatment process. Rough Tanzanite gemstone is a brownish color and color enhancement by heating is what brings out the vibrants blues and purples.

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Rings With Tanzanite Gem Stones
There are a few things that you should give attention to when looking for a tanzanite gemstone ring or other tanzanite jewelry. The price of tanzanite gems increases as the quality and size of the gemstone moves up. A good quality tanzanite gem stone would be one where, the gemstone has the same color through out the stone (no color zoning) and is also eye clean. Tanzanite gems are available in shades of bluish purple and can range from a very pale purple to very pronounced purple with shades of blue. Smaller sizes of tanzanite are much cheaper as compared to larger sizes. With a rare gemstone like tanzanite, a gemstone size of 2 carat and above can be considered as a big tanzanite gem stone.

No matter how much you read and learn about this gemstone, you will still need to find a seller that you can trust. Many jewellers know very little about tanzanite gems and it will not be a good idea to shop for your tanzanite jewellery with them. Numerous fakes are now available and these would appear to be high quality tanzanite to the untrained eye. Sellers who do not have an indepth knowledge of the gemstone can also be fooled by these attractive fake gems. It is very likely that, the Tanzanite gem stone in your ring could cost much more than the gold cost for the jewel. You should therefore leave nothing to chance and should make every effort to find a reputed jeweller before ordering your tanzanite gemstone ring.

Kaisilver gemstone experts inspect and select over thousand carats of tanzanite gems every month, we insist on eye clean quality gems. Since most of our gemstones are procured directly from miners, we are able to inspect hundreds of pieces before picking the ones that we feel, provide the buyer with best value for money paid. Tanzanite gems with good color are valued much higher as compared to tanzanite that has a very pale color. You will get the complete benefit of our Tanzanite gem stone expertise when you order your tanzanite jewellery from us.

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